Odds and Ends: A Quick Tally

We are at the point where lots of little things can get done as we prepare for larger projects to get going!

Aaron framed up the wall that goes behind and next to the refrigerator, which means that the closet has been started too!

2015-08-08 20.27.14

We also got the bathroom fan mounted, so ducting and wiring can happen soon:-)

2015-08-09 22.33.01

Wiring for electrical and internet outlets have been run for almost everything, including a outlet for a stove, should we want to add one down the road, in place of the countertop that we are going to put there.

2015-08-11 12.26.02

Electrical work is almost done, so plumbing should commence soon!


Shovels Dig the Dirt!

“Shovels dig the dirt!”

That was my first complete sentence as a kid, uttered during the construction of the first house I have any memories of living in. Now the same sentence runs through my head as the last of the leveling and gravel needed for our houses pad is finished!


We should be able to have the building delivered some time in the next two weeks! I am just about bursting with excitement and everyone is thoroughly sick of hearing me talk about what the first things we will do as soon as the building arrives:-)

Another chunk of progress is that we have stairs!


A mutual friend and co-worker built these over the weekend as a test for the stairs that will be used for the business buildings. The design looks great and they are very, very sturdy, so now he will make two more sets for the other buildings and we now have a way to easily get in and out of our house while remodeling!

Now, I must go and help level the gravel in our diveway:-) More soon!

Progress…and Delays

Well, we are about 5 months into this project and now are finally getting some work done! We already had a spot on my family’s property picked out, so we picked a nice, sunny day to mark out the driveway and measure the area for the gravel pad that the trailer will sit on. Some stakes, marking paint, a VERY long measuring tape, and a few bramble scratches later, it was all marked and ready for brush and tree removal.


The next day we moved the motorhome and the electric company came so they could set up the appropriate lines to accommodate all three new buildings(our house and the two work buildings)


Then came the trenching! Our contractor used a backhoe to dig a whole network of ditches for water, sewer, and electric lines to be run in. It certainly made it hard to walk around outside without falling into a hole for a few days!

2015-06-02 17.33.16

After the trenching and line-laying was done, we got the first of MANY loads of gravel delivered to start our driveway and pad, as well as re-gravel the main driveway in spots.

2015-06-02 17.33.04

Here you can see where the other end of our driveway comes out, making a convenient semi-circular drive.

2015-06-02 17.33.32

Unfortunately, the sunny weather did not hold out for the entire driveway/pad construction and we had heavy rains that turned everything into a muddy soup that tried hard to swallow both the backhoe and the truck with the next load of gravel. Only part of the drive has been leveled and graveled at this point and we have to wait for everything to dry out before work can continue.

2015-06-04 10.43.07

After almost a week of dry weather and a go-ahead from our contractor to have the earth mover come in a level things out, it rained again! Gotta love Missouri weather, huh? Things are drying out again and we are hopeful that the rain will stay away long enough for all the needed gravel to be put down so that the buildings can finally be delivered.

2015-06-22 18.38.00

On the plus side though, almost all of our plants are happy with the weather, even if we aren’t 🙂

2015-06-13 12.59.40

Changing Plans, Changing Directions, and Changing Our Minds!

I know it has been a long time since our last post, but that is because a LOT has happened and changed since then!

Aaron and I(with lots of help from my family) have been searching for the perfect trailer to be the base of our house for a few months now. Sadly, we have had no luck!

Everything is either the wrong dimensions, doesn’t have all the featured needed, or is out of our price range. What to do?

Running out of time to order the SIPs and feeling stressed, we decided to re-evaluate a few of the options we originally tossed. These included buying a park model and sprucing it up, changing our trailer length to something shorter, and buying a already started tiny house.

Aaron and Leah

Before we had made a decision, a new option popped up out of the blue!

What if we took a mobile home-type building and remodeled it into a tiny house? The trailer is made to have a building on it, they are made to be moved if needed, and if we bought one used it should be within our trailer budget!

The idea was brought on when my mother and her business partner were researching buildings to expand UnkamenSupplies into. They came upon a dealer of used contractors trailers and loved what they saw! They came home and told us all about it and we got thinking that maybe we could use one too.

After much consideration, we said yes to the trailer!

This one, to be exact:


(Sorry for the low picture quality, it was raining when we looked at it)

It is longer and wider than our original plans, so we have lots of space to work with now! It also has a HVAC system that we can use, the framing should be solid and it has a EPDM roof that should hold up until we have time to re-do it with something prettier:-)

These last few moths have been exciting, stressful, and busy with all of these changes, but we are excited to get things moving for real now!