Curtain Call, Part 2!

What did I do last night? I painted window trim! Why specifically window trim? So I could get the curtains over Aaron’s desk installed today!

2015-12-07 22.10.10

He discovered that a lot of light comes through his window over the course of the day, so working can get rather blinding at times. So, curtains went to the top  of my to do list!

These curtains are much shorter than the ones in the kitchen of course, but I also made these double layered.

2015-12-29 11.00.50

That way we only need three panels to block light and one three slot track to hang them from.(I used six single-layer panels for the kitchen window, in comparison)

2015-12-29 11.01.27

Work may again commence!


A Little Bit of Everything

It seems that days when a number of little things get done feel like a lot more was accomplished, even though a lot of the big, all-day jobs actually complete more! Today was one of those lots of little things days.

We started out by getting the bathroom threshold cut and glued down, so we can make sure out technique works before moving on to the much larger section of threshold that the kitchen is going to need. So far so good!

2015-11-23 16.49.05

You probably also noticed that there seems to be a bathroom door in that picture. That is because we finally found hardware that hangs it properly! We even installed a little latch, which I think mainly helps the door look like a door more than anything else. 🙂

2015-11-23 16.49.51

So now our hall closet or our bathroom can be closed with a simple slide! I am very pleased with our double-duty pocket door, instead of just wasting the space for the pocket.

2015-11-23 16.50.03

We also got another Ikea purchase installed in the form of some metal shelves over the kitchen sink. These ended up looking really fabulous! As always, yay Ikea!


Trim the Halls! Or, at Least the Door

Things are finally starting to look finished, at least in a few places! Today we got started with trim for around the front door. Since we had all that hardwood flooring from the ReStore that we did not end up using as flooring, we thought maybe it could find a new life as trim!


Aaron gets all the credit for this one, he worked out how to cut the tongue off of one side at a 45 degree angle, where to make the cuts for the corners, and how to make everything match up perfectly! It did take a little bit of fiddly work, but we got there.


And man, doesn’t it look great? I am really pleased with how it turned out, not to mention that we can use this lovely flooring!


Here you can see the 45 degree cut from the side. My plan is to eventually put twisted and distressed wire in the space created by the angle for an Unkamen touch 😉


We even got a little bit of floor trim in! I love how perfectly they merge, it creates a very clean, put together look in my opinion.


We will apply similar treatments to the other door and the various windows as the weeks go by, so hopefully everything will be trimmed soon!