5th Times the Charm, Apparently

Remember the bottom of the shower we got installed the other day? Well, today we are ready to put up the rest, at long last! Why did we have to wait? Well, that is kind of a long story, so get comfy.

2015-08-16 18.03.30

This particular shower came in 4 pieces(bottom, left side, right side, and back) packaged in 3 boxes. The bottom and sides were completely fine and came out of the packaging intact and pristine. Why is that remarkable?

2015-08-20 00.01.36

It is remarkable because the first back piece we opened up had a HUGE hole in it! It looked like a forklift tine had punched through the box and the fiberglass shower panel.

Not a big problem, we will just exchange it at Lowe’s, they are good about these kinds of things. Aaron went over to pick up the one they had “examined” and set aside for us, only to discover it had TWO holes!

He ended up taking home the last one our local Lowe’s had in stock. The box showed no damage and they had opened it a bit at the store and saw no holes. No such luck. When we finished unboxing it at home, it proved to have a large crack in the bottom corner, like it had been dropped.

Alrighty then, time to talk to a manager. Rolla had no backs left, but they said they would call all the other stores in the area and get back to us later that day with the results. We never heard back, so started calling around ourselves. The Sullivan Lowe’s said they had 2 in stock and the plumbing department employee¬†looked at one of them himself and found no damage. We booked it to Sullivan and got there with 15 min to spare before closing time.

While we go about returning the third broken back to a slightly skeptical employee, the plumbing manager himself brought up the new one and opened it up one more time to double check it was ok. He looks up and says “Hey, this one is cracked too!”

We get out the last one Sullivan has in stock and all open it up, treating it like a bald eagle egg with a paper thin shell. 4 pairs of eyes all examine this poor, lonely shower back, judging every fleck and shadow for evidence of damage.

Low and behold, this one is whole and unspoiled!

We packed it into the car and sped home, praying that it would not spontaneously fracture on the way. Miracles of miracles, it was still pristine when we unpacked this 5th try at getting our shower finished. We wasted no time getting it installed and it all looks great!


Aside from the problems with how the pieces were transported to the store(which is where we think the damage occurred) the shower is actually really great and will be just perfect for us. I wish I had gotten pictures of each set of damage, but we were so frustrated that it never even crossed our minds until it was too late.

Moral of the story? Not sure, but man am I glad it it over and done!