Come On In, We Have a New Front Door!

Yay! The rain has retreated so we have a chance to do the last re-framing project for our building! The front door, whose handle and lock we bought months and months ago! Again, the door was a little taller and a little wider than the original, so we had to cut out and reframe the opening.


We also had to move the stairs away from the door so we could get at all of the screws that were holding it in. This made for many attempted falls on both our parts as we kept forgetting that the ground was suddenly a LOT further away.


Once everything was reframed, it was delightfully easy to slide the new door into place and secure it!


I had the honor of installing our lock and handle, and they work perfectly!


Now we don;t have to worry about not having a key on us all the time, just a spare tucked away in the case of a dead battery:-)



Odds and Ends: A Quick Tally

We are at the point where lots of little things can get done as we prepare for larger projects to get going!

Aaron framed up the wall that goes behind and next to the refrigerator, which means that the closet has been started too!

2015-08-08 20.27.14

We also got the bathroom fan mounted, so ducting and wiring can happen soon:-)

2015-08-09 22.33.01

Wiring for electrical and internet outlets have been run for almost everything, including a outlet for a stove, should we want to add one down the road, in place of the countertop that we are going to put there.

2015-08-11 12.26.02

Electrical work is almost done, so plumbing should commence soon!

Windows Are Done!

Today is the day! The day that the last window gets installed! I got started cutting supports right away:

2015-08-11 12.25.28

We had to take out the whole sill plate, as it was VERY water damaged. Fun times!

2015-08-11 12.25.40

We also had a bit of a surprise when taking down the insulation around the window…a wasps nest! Aaron showed off his moves with a broom and swatted 20 wasps right out of the air:-)


Reframing and de-wasping complete, we got the window in! It was the smoothest installation we have had so far, so I guess we have gotten good just as we finish the windows.

2015-08-11 20.58.53

With the windows finished, the last of the sub floor on this end could be put down. Once the second door is replaced, the very last pieces will be able to go down.

2015-08-11 21.52.05

The Penultimate Window!

Woot! Today we install the second-to-last window! I had some urgent orders from UnkamenSupplies to finish filling, so Aaron removed paneling and started cutting the staples to get a head start on this window yesterday. That means things moved fast today!

2015-08-03 20.00.38

Once the frame was braced, the last of the supports could be shortened, the new header and base cut, and the last nails severed.


Then it was just a matter of removing the exterior screws, installing the new wood, and cutting the siding to create a hole appropriately sized for the window!

2015-08-08 20.26.54

This means that as well as having only one window left to reframe and install, all of the windows on the front of the building have been replaced!


Next item to replace? Doors!

Big Window: Round Two!

Remember when I said we had a pair of matching windows? Well, today we install the second one on the other side of the house! The sill plate on this side had some VERY squishy spots, so it had to be cut out and patched.


Once the new framing went up, I could star cutting siding. Look how much bigger the new window is compared to the one that was there originally! We won’t need lights to be on during the day unless it is really cloudy, that’s for sure 😉


As the cherry on top, we had also grabbed the lattice accessories that went with the windows when we bought them, thinking we may or may not want them. Turns out, they look fantastic and we will be keeping them for sure!

2015-08-04 15.15.06 (1)

Bonus in this picture: Those green taped-out boxes are the rough locations of the counter-top, sink, and refrigerator for the kitchen!

Am I Bugging You Yet?

I will be very happy when we have all of the windows and doors replaced, because then we won’t have so many buggy visitors!

bugsSpeaking of windows, the first big one is in now! We got a matched set of 6 foot wide windows that we chose to put in next to the door and opposite it in the kitchen. They are really HUGE!

2015-07-31 17.30.05Now that we are closing in on window replacements being done, Aaron has been able to start framing out the interior walls for the bathroom and the shared kitchen/bathroom wall.

2015-08-01 21.08.56

It is starting to truly feel like a house!

Loading Windows…3 of 7 Complete

Can anybody say ” That’s a lot of windows!” ? 2015-07-29 13.55.59

I sure can! And we have only installed three out of the seven so far!

Even with only two windows matching(they will be installed at the middle of the building, opposite each other) they are looking really awesome! The larger window size really opens up the space and lets in a ton of lovely natural light.

2015-07-29 13.55.46

What is next on the menu? Sub floor! We finally have electricity(three BIG cheers for A/C!), so we were able to hook up the air compressor and get started nailing the sub floor down.

2015-07-29 16.30.04

The nail gun made it go so quickly, we got 3 1/2 sheets down in less than an hour, finishing the back end(future bedroom) enough that we could start re-installing the insulation that we had pulled out to re-do the windows.

2015-07-29 18.14.53And before you ask, yes, we already checked and no rewiring needs to be done in the back, so the insulation should be safe from further construction. 🙂