A Place to Work

We are getting so close! I am really starting to see Avako as a house versus “the building”, which is very exciting! Today we finally took the paper off of Aaron’s main desk so we could get him set up with a workplace.


It is amazing how finished this end of the building looks now! Add a rug, a chair, and some desk “toppings” and voila 🙂

2015-12-15 17.22.32

Aaron was thrilled to have a full desk again! This means that he has space to set up dual monitors and still have room for text books left over 🙂

2015-12-16 18.30.55

Triangle also approves! He has decided that under Aaron’s desk can be a very good place to sleep when he is not running up and down the length of the building.

2015-12-15 15.45.29


Keeping Things Clean, Cool, and Dry!

Hand-me-downs can be awesome! Today we installed both the washer/dryer and the refrigerator that had previously belonged to my family. My mom was very happy for the excuse to get a new washing machine that would handle my brothers judo gi  better!

The refrigerator was fairly straightforward to put in place, just had to decide which way the doors should open!


Aaron and I were quite proud of how nice the short wall ended up looking with the fridge in place.


The washer/dryer were a bit trickier to move, since we had to do-si-do to get the washer up and in place before the dryer, which of course was on top of the washer!


We even remembered to drain the line before we brought it inside!


Everything fit! We do sorta wish that we had reversed the positions of the washer/dryer with the water heater, but it is not bad and now there is a magnetic surface available.


I just couldn’t resist letting my creativity loose, what with this big white canvas staring back at me. When we went to Ikea, I snagged two different sets of wall decals to adorn our stacking units with.

Can you blame me for falling in love with the results?