Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

One of the few large items that we bought online was our bedframe and mattress, and tonight, we(Aaron) put it together! Yes, Aaron got this whole many-pieced beastie together almost completely on his own, as I was getting the bedroom curtains installed.

I would saw we both did a great job! 🙂

2015-12-19 02.05.34

With the curtains up, I was also able to realize the image I had gotten in my head from the very moment I set eyes on these adorable star lights. They are LEDs, like many of the other lights in our house now, and give a lovely glow to the room.


Only thing left was to bring in the mattress and make the bed! It has been years since I had a bed I could walk around to make, instead of crawling(or dramatically break-rolling) back and forth across to make(a lifetime of loft beds and RVing will make you appreciate easy bed-making)


Now…look like it is time for a nap!


Shedding Some Light on the Situation

Now that we have these lovely lights from Ikea, it’s time to install them! The first one went over Aaron’d desk and has 6 LEDs that can be pointed in almost any direction. Kinda looks like a jellyfish, huh?

2015-11-23 16.47.55

It provides the perfect amount of light for him to work at his desk, so Aaron is quite pleased. Just don’t look directly at them, they are bright head on!

The second light was a long multi light that would provide light to the coat closet on one side and the clothing closet on the other side. Yes, we may like directional lights 😉

2015-11-23 16.48.01

Shopping Spree!

What did we do today? We went to Ikea!!!!

Saint Louis has just been blessed with the wonderland that is Ikea and my family and I are so excited!


Now, Aaron was a little confused as to why we were so enthusiastic over a store that he associated with cheap furniture and collage dorm jokes. I grew up on the East coast and going to an Ikea was a special treat that included sitting in all the fun chairs, getting a tiny pencil and measuring tape, and eating Swedish meatballs 🙂


We had a very full day picking out lights, some shelving, curtain fabric and hardware, and a TV stand/bookshelf. Oh, and we had meatballs too!


It Was a Light Day

Let there be light! Or, at least some more lights 🙂 This weekend we put up the light in the bathroom, the closet, and the second light in the kitchen.

The light in the bathroom presented a special kind of challenge, as it had to be positioned just right between the air duct, ceiling beam, and the wall!


Luckily we had a light that could bend and flex, so once we found the perfect spot, it was able to fit!


Once all the light bulbs were in, we had to test it out!


We are very happy with the amount of light the fixture gets, but we are planning on switching the halogen bulbs that came with the light for some cooler and longer lasting LED bulbs.

Next came the closet next to the bathroom. We have had a capped wire waiting here for a while, so it will be nice to finish it off.


It even has its own light switch! We have a number of lights that are paired and would have been too much trouble to re-wire separately, so it is a treat to have single-light switches.


And here is the light! It is a LED, so will last for ages and not use a ton of juice. Aaron and I agree that a lighted closet is delightful and suggest it strongly if the chance comes up. 🙂


Last was the second kitchen light, which means we had to take down another florescent light and paint the ceiling underneath.


Once we got the light wrangled up there(which is harder than it sounds, since I am so short and am usually the one holding the light in place!) we could say that the kitchen lights were all done!


Now that we have seen how much light these LEDs give off, we have decided to switch things up and get some different kinds of lights to replace the two remaining lights in this end of the building.

Maybe we will find something at the new IKEA in Saint Louis!