Curtain Call!

Once of the last things between us and moving is are some curtains for our gigantic windows!

While at IKEA last my mom and I saw a really nifty curtain system that utilized flat panels on a sliding track instead of or in addition to the more standard gathering curtain style. We both loved the look and I particularly appreciated the fact that this style made for a slimmer profile, which in a small space means a lot!

Since Aaron was busy on his own project, I jumped right in and pretended to be tall.

2015-12-13 12.05.13

After only a little bit of finagling, I had the curtain track and two curtain panels up!

2015-12-29 10.59.48

Since these are IKEA products, the panels all had to be put together by cutting fabric or panel stock(also sold by IKEA) to your desired length and then attaching the bar hardware to either end. Then, slide into the track and voila! I only have 2 of the panels finished at the moment, but will have the other 4 done soon.


UPDATE! I have the other panels done now, so our window can be fully closed 🙂

2015-12-29 11.00.19


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