Heading Up?

Now that we have the top walkways of the cat walk done, we need a way for Triangle to get up to them!

After a lot of research and some Pinterest frustration, we settled on a zig zag slanted walkway design.

We used a narrower version of the same pre-made shelf boards that worked so well for the overhead shelves for the tracks. Since no angle bracket we could find had the angle we needed, we went with sturdy door hinges to create whatever angle we needed!


This build was surprisingly easy once we got into a rhythm with measuring, cutting, and fastening. It also looks really cool!


Triangle liked it, but between the steep angle and slippery surface, he couldn’t go up very well and mostly settled for sitting on the turning platforms.

2015-12-06 21.40.09

Despite the challenge, he did manage to get to the top to continue exploring the walkways!


To make climbing easy for him we decided to carpet the zig zag. It took every clamp we had available!

2015-12-12 21.29.07

You can see that we picked a semi-industrial ridged carpet for traction as well as a scratching post-type surface(Triangle is a front foot declaw who likes to scratch his toes on nubby things)


Once the carpet was on, there was no stopping him!


He successfully found Aaron for some much needed ear scratches after his long journey 😉


In the end, I think we all really like this addition to the house!


2 thoughts on “Heading Up?

  1. Patty Strenk says:

    Wow!! Was looking for a tiny house to place on the beach/waterfront somewhere. I wanted something bigger than 2 or 300 sq. Ft as this would be my winter home when it’s cold in Cleveland. I can’t believe you have a cat walk as I have 3 cats!! Your place came up with another I had looked at online as a recommendation!!


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