A Cat Friendly House in the Making

I think it is pretty safe to say that we love our cat, Triangle, and that he loves us back!


Our project today is something we think he will also love! Since Triangle is a fan of high places and spying on people we have decided to create a set of walk ways around one side of the building. These will allow him to get to the top of the fridge(where his food will be kept) in a fun way!

Using some standard shelf brackets and pre-made shelf boards, we got started!


We had to cut down some of the brackets, since the headspace needed for our big kitty pushed the shelves down almost to the windows.


In addition to the special cat shelves, we have also allotted the front of our closet shelves to cat traffic and made cut outs for him to pass through. This is so we can have storage bins on the back of the shelves and Triangle can walk or lounge in front of them.

2015-11-24 15.32.15

A cats-eye view!


We brought Triangle up for a little while to make sure that he fit through everything and could walk comfortably. Even though he looks pretty grumpy here, we think he approved of what we have done so far!



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