A Long Expected Installation

Do you know how in the way a toilet in a box can be? Well, just take my word for the fact that it can be VERY in the way! You can almost play Where’s Waldo with my pics over the months, spotting the toilet in many of them!

Toilet Box Collage

But, now that the wall panel is up in the bathroom, we can install the toilet!


Unboxing it was actually fairly exciting, who knew there were that many pieces of cardboard in there!


Getting the wax ring squished in well required a little bit different approach then the directions showed in our case. But it worked well!


After attaching the tank and seat, we could hook up water and do some test flushes!


After a rather damp adventure that proved that the tank bolts were tricky to tighten correctly, it was all set to go! This meant that I could finally put up the beautiful shower curtain that I had picked out weeks before.


We both love how it turned out! The bathroom is now officially the most finished part of the house, as well as being the prettiest! Once the last bit of trim painting is done, then it truly will be done 🙂


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