We Were Just Floored!

What did we do this weekend? We put down almost all of our flooring! It was a big, exciting project and Aaron’s father very kindly came up from Arkansas to give up a helping hand.

First up was a piece of underlayment:


We started in the bedroom and worked our way forward laying the planks. They really fit together well, we were all impressed!


We also all loved how nice the white beadboard walls looked with some proper flooring next to them. The laminate finish is called Tavern Oak and had colors similar to both of the vinyl plank finishes we would be using elsewhere in the house.


Once we got enough flooring down, we did the scoot and shuffle to get the water heater and its cabinet out of the way.


Then the first fun part – a closet!


We had a bit of a gap between the last full plank and the wet wall, but we figured we would cut pieces to fit when we were further along and maybe had some scraps that would fit perfectly.


Down the hall and past the bathroom we went, screwing a piece of scrap subfloor across the bathroom doorway for the pieces to butt up against as we spanned the distance.


We did the same for the kitchen, marking the end of the laminate with a 2×4 screwed temporarily to the floor. It worked really, really well!


There was some tricksey cutting needed when we got to the sit-down-upon, but Aaron did a wonderful job measuring, making and cutting the pieces needed.


Then, into another closet!


We did flooring the full depth of the first closet, since it is hanging, but the next two spaces only got flooring a few inches in, since they will have drawers. The coat closet also was fully floored.


Once we got to the end of the building, we pulled up the 2×4’s and admired the lovely straight lines we had. What would we do with the rest of our weekend? The vinyl plank for the kitchen!


I only have one picture of the finished kitchen floor right now, but I promise to update this post with more as soon as I have the chance. We were all pretty tired of crawling around and did not take many pictures toward the end of the day.

2015-09-20 18.50.48


Weekend Warriors

Another weekend of two person work! Woo! This weekend marks the last of the paneling we need to do(so far as we can tell)! The main paneling left was the twin shelves over the bathroom and closet doors, an unexpected detail we added in when working out how to panel that area.

Most of the pieces we cut were straightforward and simple, but 4 of them were funky shapes that took a little bit of extra thinking to cut out.


Oklahoma! Times three, actually. The last piece ended up looking more like Utah, as the tail was very short 😉


We think it turned out spectacularly!


I can’t wait until everything is done and we move in, cause those shelves are earmarked for some of my nick-nacks!