Watching Paint Dry

Now that all of the wall panels are up, painting can commence! We decided on plain white(Valspar Ultra White) for everything, as there will be plenty of other items that can be colorful and we don’t want to overwhelm the small space.

I started by doing everything with a small angled brush, since the grooves in the beadboard needed special attention.

2015-08-24 00.27.34

I ended up doing the entire bathroom/laundry room/waterheater wall this way!

2015-08-25 23.01.33

When I moved on to other areas, I tried doing it with a roller. That left the grooves unpainted, but obviously gave great coverage in a short time. So I have settled for a hybrid. First, broad coat of paint with the roller, second, fill in all the grooves with a hand brush, and lastly, a second coat with the roller to ensure even coloration.

2015-08-26 21.24.43

I was not entirely sold on the white walls originally, but now I think I really like it!


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