Big Window: Round Two!

Remember when I said we had a pair of matching windows? Well, today we install the second one on the other side of the house! The sill plate on this side had some VERY squishy spots, so it had to be cut out and patched.


Once the new framing went up, I could star cutting siding. Look how much bigger the new window is compared to the one that was there originally! We won’t need lights to be on during the day unless it is really cloudy, that’s for sure 😉


As the cherry on top, we had also grabbed the lattice accessories that went with the windows when we bought them, thinking we may or may not want them. Turns out, they look fantastic and we will be keeping them for sure!

2015-08-04 15.15.06 (1)

Bonus in this picture: Those green taped-out boxes are the rough locations of the counter-top, sink, and refrigerator for the kitchen!


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