Frame it Real Good

This weekend means lots of progress! Aaron got all of his homework finished up on Friday, so Saturday and Sunday he can get stuff done!

First up? The sit-down-upon! Yes, that is what we are calling it 🙂 It is a seat that is right next to the front door so when you come in you can plop down and take your shoes off.(or curl up with a book if you grab a throw pillow!) There is storage in the seat for boots or other shoes too large to put in the hanging shoe holder which goes in the recess behind the seat. It also has a coat closet attached to it, so it does a lot of things in not a lot of space!

2015-08-29 19.35.15

Aaron designed the whole thing and I think it turned out wonderfully!

2015-08-29 19.35.36

You can see, that even once we panel everything, there is a pretty good chunk of storage in there!

2015-08-29 19.35.57

Since the framing did not take long, we moved on to paneling the closet! The hardboard throws up a TON of very fine dust when cut with the circular saw, so we wore dust masks for most of the weekend. (UGH)


It was sweaty, dusty, and tiring work. I was happy to take a quick Village Life break! 😉

2015-08-30 15.09.21

Now, if we wanted to play hide and seek in Avako, we have a whole 5 places to hide!

2015-08-30 17.29.41

It seems that all of the action shots I have taken lately are of Aaron with the little brad nail gun, huh?


But we are putting that nailer to good use! We got the fridge wall paneled and the short wall next to it all set as well:


Lets hope next weekend is just as productive!


Watching Paint Dry

Now that all of the wall panels are up, painting can commence! We decided on plain white(Valspar Ultra White) for everything, as there will be plenty of other items that can be colorful and we don’t want to overwhelm the small space.

I started by doing everything with a small angled brush, since the grooves in the beadboard needed special attention.

2015-08-24 00.27.34

I ended up doing the entire bathroom/laundry room/waterheater wall this way!

2015-08-25 23.01.33

When I moved on to other areas, I tried doing it with a roller. That left the grooves unpainted, but obviously gave great coverage in a short time. So I have settled for a hybrid. First, broad coat of paint with the roller, second, fill in all the grooves with a hand brush, and lastly, a second coat with the roller to ensure even coloration.

2015-08-26 21.24.43

I was not entirely sold on the white walls originally, but now I think I really like it!

Back to School

I am sure you all have noticed the countdown there on the side bar, and now today is the day! Aaron goes back to school at S&T and will only be available to work on the house on the weekends(gotta get all that homework done!) He is currently working on a double major in Computer Science and Engineering Management!


What does this mean for progress? It means that I can work on painting walls! This also means that updates will be a little sparser during the week, as most of the exciting work will be on the weekend.

2015-08-23 22.22.10

Closing it Up

Today we were planning on getting the bead-board paneling up! Unfortunately, it decided to rain.

“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day…” Ah well, no such luck! Since we had the help of a friend, the decisions was that cutting could happen inside, since the sheets are only 4×8 and a vacuum could be acquired for cleanup afterwards.

This arrangement did make for some tight workspaces!

2015-08-22 14.33.32

It was a prefect day to curl up with a book next a window and just listen to the rain. Unless of course, you needed to finish the house so you had somewhere to curl up first!

2015-08-22 14.33.59

Since I would have crowded the already close workspace, I worked on getting the last of the moisture barrier stapled up over the insulation.

2015-08-22 14.34.05

The guys worked hard all afternoon and got the bedroom and hallway all paneled!

2015-08-22 21.11.56

They sawed and measured and nailed all weekend and managed to get everything paneled that was using bead-board!

2015-08-23 22.23.22

I measured and cut the hardboard we had to cover the kitchen wall all by myself! I did need help lifting the top piece into place, but otherwise it was all me!

2015-08-22 21.27.14

Warm and Cozy Once Again

Blech. I really don’t like handling insulation. I am sure most people don’t, since it can make you itchy, but I am short and putting up pieces that are taller than I am is not fun. I would have the piece almost all tucked into its space then suddenly it would decide NOT to sit in there and come tumbling down on my unsuspecting head! But, even with the unpleasantness, we got all of the insulation back into the walls!

2015-08-18 22.07.07

We actually did not have to get any new insulation, it was all able to be re-used, we even had a bag left over!

2015-08-18 22.06.08

We were also able to bring in the drywall for the bathroom, as that will be our next project:-) Now we just need to get the vapor barrier up on the walls and paneling can start going up too!

2015-08-18 22.06.00

Green Machine

Drywall time! Since we finally had the shower installed, we could hang all the drywall in the bathroom, the only part of the house where we will use drywall.

2015-08-20 22.56.54

There were a number of fiddly pieces that were a pain to cut, but it all worked out well!


Before mudding, you could have shot green-screen footage in there! But, work must go on, so mud away!


This will be one of the most time consuming parts of the build, due to the dry time required by the mudding and the many coats needed for a nice finish. So this is just the start!


I look forward to having the bathroom all finished, then the awesome shower curtain we got can get put up!