Windows and Doors and Floors, Oh My!

Whew…busy day! We got up early and hooked a small flatbed trailer to our car and headed into Saint Louis this morning so we could see if either of the ReStore locations had items that would work for our house!

Our first finds were a number of very large windows that would look great in our building:


Have you ever lifted a window that is almost as tall as you? They are heavy! And we needed 7 of them…better get a second cart!


We also found two matching exterior doors that should fit in the current framing. The windows are all larger than the existing ones, so they will require re-framing and the siding to be cut away in places to be installed. After checking out and loading everything into the trailer(5 windows, two doors, and a LOT of padding!) we headed over to the second ReStore location. Second jackpot of the day? Cabinets! There was a 12 piece  tongue-in-groove construction set that we thought we could use pieces from(no way we have room for all of it!) Since we will have wood flooring of some sort, the cabinetry will be painted to avoid wood overload.


Speaking of flooring, we also found a bunch of that! It is looking like we are going to change our plans a little and instead of buying flooring new so it is the same throughout the whole building, we will have lovely hardwood in a variety of finishes in the different areas of the house. It should be interesting!


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