On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Now that we have the building and can get in and out, time to get started with the inside! You can see that it is basically just a long rectangle with three doors(one on the inside wall), 7 windows, and about a gadjillion coat hooks:


The floor is very dirty painted plywood that we will mop and then put a new sub-floor over, so as to have the right support for new interior walls, furniture, and appliances.


First thing to go? The existing interior wall!


We used a cats paw and crowbar to remove the trim and wall paneling after removing the door. Aaron got the wall out in less than an hour! We also removed all of the coat hooks and started pulling down the trim around the wall panels that have to come off to replace the windows.


Once the wall was out we were able to bring in and stack the sheets of AdvanTech plywood that will become our subfloor.


Since we can take proper measurements now, we need to get new windows, new exterior doors, and flooring. This means tomorrow we take a trip to Saint Louis to visit the Habitat for Humanity ReStores!


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