Progress…and Delays

Well, we are about 5 months into this project and now are finally getting some work done! We already had a spot on my family’s property picked out, so we picked a nice, sunny day to mark out the driveway and measure the area for the gravel pad that the trailer will sit on. Some stakes, marking paint, a VERY long measuring tape, and a few bramble scratches later, it was all marked and ready for brush and tree removal.


The next day we moved the motorhome and the electric company came so they could set up the appropriate lines to accommodate all three new buildings(our house and the two work buildings)


Then came the trenching! Our contractor used a backhoe to dig a whole network of ditches for water, sewer, and electric lines to be run in. It certainly made it hard to walk around outside without falling into a hole for a few days!

2015-06-02 17.33.16

After the trenching and line-laying was done, we got the first of MANY loads of gravel delivered to start our driveway and pad, as well as re-gravel the main driveway in spots.

2015-06-02 17.33.04

Here you can see where the other end of our driveway comes out, making a convenient semi-circular drive.

2015-06-02 17.33.32

Unfortunately, the sunny weather did not hold out for the entire driveway/pad construction and we had heavy rains that turned everything into a muddy soup that tried hard to swallow both the backhoe and the truck with the next load of gravel. Only part of the drive has been leveled and graveled at this point and we have to wait for everything to dry out before work can continue.

2015-06-04 10.43.07

After almost a week of dry weather and a go-ahead from our contractor to have the earth mover come in a level things out, it rained again! Gotta love Missouri weather, huh? Things are drying out again and we are hopeful that the rain will stay away long enough for all the needed gravel to be put down so that the buildings can finally be delivered.

2015-06-22 18.38.00

On the plus side though, almost all of our plants are happy with the weather, even if we aren’t 🙂

2015-06-13 12.59.40


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