Houses, Houses Everywhere!

Man, I appreciate having the internet! Being able to think of a house feature I would like to see in use in a real building, go online and find images, general information, and sometimes even tutorials on how to build the piece, is just amazing!

house collageThese are just a small sampling of the many images and links we have assembled into our collection of inspirations! Whenever a stair layout, storage cubby, or trim color catches our collective eye, we snag it and save it!

So far, we keep coming back to having the bed in a loft at one end of the house with a lounge/movie/reading area underneath, using a ladder to get up to the bed. We know we want to keep the items that use water as close together as we can manage, to simplify how the plumbing is run and minimize the number of hoses we have to cut in our SIPs.  This has resulted in splitting the shower and sink away from the toilet, to make walkways simpler, though this is the part of our floorplan that keeps moving, so we will have to see what works out best in the end.

In regards to any consideration of wall color, I have the amusing quandary of really disliking the idea of white walls, but loving interiors that others have done with white walls. Go figure 🙂

Aaron has also gotten us started on making 3D digital models of layout ideas, so we can get our measurements down solidly and see how our paper drawings actually work out. Apparently I am terrible at drawing to scale apparently and can fit EVERYTHING into one end of the house and go “look at all the extra space we have!!” before realizing I drew the bed the size of a foot stool and the fridge is the size of a bread box. Whee!

 Lastly, spring has finally sprung here! With the sunshine, warmth, and melting snow comes mud puddles, pleasant walks outside, and the unbearable urge to get started building already! Makes me wish we had all the bits and bobs worked out already so I cold get started putting things together and have an excuse to be outside in this lovely weather:-)