Research Work!

Whew…it’s a good thing I like to read! This is my stack to work though over the weekend:

House Books

When I and my family first moved to Missouri, we did a LOT of interior painting to fix up the house that we moved in to and in that process bought a ton of books, many by the effervescent Christopher Lowell. Now that we are starting to get an idea of what kind of interior space we are going to have in Avako, I can start getting to one of my favorite parts of the whole project!

We are wanting to go for a more modern theme overall, as the rustic look is cute, but maybe a little too cutesy. I am hoping to snag enough time to sketch and work a few veeeeeerrrrrryyyy basic mockups of ideas so I can get my ideas out of my head for others to see!


What’s in a name?

Congratulations! You have found your way to our blog! This will be where we document the process of designing, funding, building, and finally living in our tiny house, Avako.

Now, I am sure you are wondering, “Avako? What is that? Who are you guys? Why are you building a house, let alone a tiny one? Why should I even read your blog?”

Well, you are in luck, for I am in an answer-giving mood 🙂

  • Avako(a-vako) means “my rainbow” in Malagasy and is the name we have decided to give our creation. More on the process of naming later on.
  • I am Leah, a short, creative, bouncy red head who loves to dance, make jewelry and read. My boyfriend Aaron is a student at Missouri S&T and has a passion to learn ALL the things!(including but not exclusive to: bonsai, computer science, house building, dancing, gardening, engineering management, jewelry making, everything else)
  •  We are building a house because we currently live in my family’s motor home, making it impossible to take the motor home out and about for trips. We had given much consideration towards renting in town, buying a park model house, and constructing a more typical house, but we just kept coming back to the tiny house as the best fit for us and our situation.
  • Finally, I think you should read our blog because our house-building journey should be interesting, funny, touching, educational, and unique. Join us and follow along with Building Avako 🙂